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What is a DLL file?


DLL file - is a kind of system library, which contains a variety of data and code. The advantage of such files obvious, it can be used more than one program at the same time. A good example would be the library «Comdlg32» Windows operating system, which performs the most common function with dialog boxes. That is, any program can use the functions in this DLL file (library) for the order to implement the "Open" dialog box for example. This course lets you save memory by reusing code.

More often than not with the DLL files when you encounter errors in the Windows operating system. For example, when you install or run a program, the error is the absence of the DLL file. This error is usually very easy to fix, the required DLL file you just download from our website and place it in the desired directory. After that, errors tend to disappear. Now you know what a DLL file. We recommend that you also read the article "How to install a DLL file?", "How to find a DLL file?" And "Errors due to DLL". To fully understand the topic of error due to the DLL files, as well as how to fix them.

» What is a DLL file?
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