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Avtapi.dll submityaet is raznovydnost file DLL, svyazannoho s Operating System Reinstallation CD W2K + SP3, kotoryya Dell is designed for Windows. Poslednyaya yzvestnaya version Avtapi.dll:, is designed for Windows. Data DLL file ymeet popularity rating 1 Star safety rating and "Unknown."

DLL Files ( "Dynamic podklyuchaemaya Library"), such As avtapi.dll - This Small program, shozhye files with EXE ( "yspolnyaem—čmy") kotoryya pozvoljajut multitude of programs the Use, plastic and the same function (for example, a seal).

For example, when Windows launches and v—č redaktyruete document in Microsoft Word. Neobhodimo the Download file DLL, kontrolyruyuschyy seal, If Only vostrebovan—č ego functions - for example, when v—č reshyly Print of my document. When v—č v—čbyraete "Print", Microsoft Word file v—čz—čvaet printer DLL, and on zahruzhaetsya in memory (RAM). If v—č enterprise document in Print Another program, for example in Adobe Acrobat, will be yspolzovatsya tot same file sam—čy printer DLL.

Files DLL, as obschymy, suschestvuyut Limit for most applications. Let multitude Benefits Provision developer of software such razdelenye also otkr—čvaet Ability to appearance problems.

Pilgrimage says If Windows Can not Load file korrektno avtapi.dll, v—č Get a message about error. To obtain dopolnytelnoy centimeters of information. "Causes oshybok avtapi.dll" below.

Mistakes DLL, for example related avtapi.dll, chashche Total Running Time t poyavlyayuts computer, launch the program at Or attempt spetsyfycheskyh Using functions in your program (for example, a seal).

Rasprostranenn—če most mistakes avtapi.dll, kotoryya mogut voznyknut my computer now control pod Windows, perechyslen—č below:

  • "Avtapi.dll not found."
  • "File avtapi.dll absent."
  • "Avtapi.dll violation of rights of access."
  • "File avtapi.dll failed zarehystryrovat."
  • "File C: \ Windows \ System32 \\ avtapi.dll not found."
  • "failed to start the Operating System Reinstallation CD W2K + SP3. Neobhodym—čy absent component: avtapi.dll. Please set the Operating System Reinstallation CD W2K + SP3 again."
  • "failed to launch dannoe application solution, so How avtapi.dll file not found. Povtornaya installation applications Can reshyt —ćtu problem."

Such messages about DLL mistakes mogut poyavlyatsya in the process of installing the program, when running program, with svyazannaya avtapi.dll (for example, Operating System Reinstallation CD W2K + SP3), when you start Or Shut Windows, Or Even during installation of the operating system Windows. Otslezhyvanye moment appearance avtapi.dll mistakes javljaetsja vazhnoy Elimination of information in the problem.

How to download free avtapi.dll?

Download avtapi.dll

Most oshybok avtapi.dll svjazano s absence Or INJURIOUS files avtapi.dll. Toth fact something avtapi.dll - External file otkr—čvaet Ability to vsyacheskyh nezhelateln—čh consequences.

Nepredvydenn—če Shut vasheho Or zarazhenye computer virus Can povredyt avtapi.dll, something pryvedet for mistakes DLL. When the file avtapi.dll povrezhdaetsya, on b—čt Can not properly loaded and v—čvedet a message about error.

In the latter cases mistakes File avtapi.dll mogut b—čt svyazan—č with problems in the register of Windows. Nerabochye links DLL files mogut pomeshat zarehystryrovat DLL file dolzhn—čm image and v—čzvat mistakes avtapi.dll. These nerabochye mogut register of the keys will appear as a result of absence of the file DLL, DLL file SHIFT Or vvydu availability ostatochnoy links DLL file in the register of Windows after installation neudachnoy Or Remove Programs.

More specifically, Data avtapi.dll mistakes mogut b—čt v—čzvan—č reasons as follows:

  • Oshybochn—če povrezhdenn—če Or register of records for avtapi.dll
  • Or deleterious virus software, file povredyvshee avtapi.dll.
  • refusal equipment Dell, for example, nekachestvenn—čy zhestkyy drive v—čzvavshyy INJURIOUS file avtapi.dll.
  • Another program yzmenyla trebuemuyu version avtapi.dll.
  • Another program maliciously Or mistakes on udalyla file avtapi.dll.
  • Another program udalyla file avtapi.dll.

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