On our site you will be able to easily find and download the missing DLL file, and quickly solve the problem when you install a new program or computer game.

You can have no adsmsext.dll not found, pcaui.exe can not be found, pcadm.dll blue screen of death, and there is no athrx.sys computer error while trying to start McAfee Internet Security, Chrome 14.0.835.163, and Empire: Total War.

Getting adsmsext.dll error indicates a problem adsmsext.dll file and its associated files and pcaui.exe pcadm.dll have been removed or deleted.

adsmsext.dll a DLL-file with a description ADs LDAP Provider DLL, file size is 77,312 bytes, location winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-a..ace-ldap-extensions_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_254af9b48687cdbb\\, Last update 7/13/2009 4:38:02 PM, 0x2022 error code (The time limit for this request was exceeded.), the version number 6.1.7600.16385, registry Minta Crighton, and perhaps TrojanDownloader: Win32 / Cawhotmer.A viral infection .

To correct the problem and restore adsmsext.dll, you can use the file adsmsext.dll Fixer - DLL Suite. DLL Suite allows its use to correct mistakes adsmsext.dll, repair problems adsmsext.dll adsmsext.dll and download the file for free for Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

How to download free adsmsext.dll?

Download adsmsext.dll

Download DLL Suite now to fix adsmsext.dll for your computer.

To download adsmsext.dll free, you can use DLL Suite is in a DLL free download and DLLPEDIA features.

adsmsext.dll can be infected by virus TrojanDownloader: Win32 / Cawhotmer.A. TrojanDownloader: Win32 / Cawhotmer.A can spread through Kaixin001 and download malware Program: Win32 / Cleanator and potentially unwanted XP VistaWindows {ΜΈ] Τ± O program on the affected machines.

To remove adsmsext.dll trojan, you can use Virus Fix EXE DLL Suite to function. This tool helps replace adsmsext.dll infection, and make your computer faster.

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