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After installing the game FIFA 13 there was a problem for many, antivirus, swear by a particular file started, the removal of which, the game does not start more file called rldea.dll - library responsible for running the game. To reinstall the game every time you just need to download rlddllfifa 13 and put it in your game folder.

Embodies FIFA13 passions and drama of the football.

Revolutionary changes, which five submitted a fresh season of the popular football simulator, brings a new level of dribbling system, artificial intelligence, and the power struggle over the control of the ball. Now on every area of ​​the field competing for the ball will be more unpredictable and tense - exactly like in real football.

In addition, there was a match, two new species of passing the ball. Referee accurately determine fouls and rightly cautioned, goalkeepers - are clearer and defense tactics appeared an option that allows you to move across the field of protective orders. Add animation beats with 180 degrees and jump, and rejoicing over the goals scored.

Traditions authenticity FIFA 13 does not change: the game is represented in more than 500 licensed clubs and 15,000 athletes.

One can safely say that the most popular topics in the sports video game - FIFA 13. However, when you try to run the game, often to roll the window with an annoying error message - "corrupt or the file was not found rld.dll». When launching the game, you will see a similar sign - do not worry, and do not rush to reinstall or remove the game, there is a fairly simple way to run it. You will need the latest version of the library - free download rld for dll fifa 13. After downloading - remove the dll file and copy it to a folder with the game. Then restart your PC and run fifa 13. Recall - not enough rld dll pes 2013 download, we must also set the correct library. If you come across for the first time, with the installation of dll files, dll download rld - we recommend that you read the instruction manual.

How to download free rld.dll_fifa_13?

Download rld.dll_fifa_13

We have long wanted to write a detailed installation guide dll libraries in OS Vindos. In this article, a specific example, let us consider how to install dll file, tell it - dll libraries and what they need.

DLL is a dynamic link library that can be used repeatedly in different software applications. Provided the majority of libraries with the extension .dll, there is also a library, with the extension .exe. In this example, we will look at the installation of the OS dll Vindos7.



With the advent of errors - you need to write down or remember the name of a dll that is damaged or that is missing.

  1. "Beat" in the search for the name of the library and download the necessary libraries;
  2. Open the zip-file and run it. Extract the dll file and copy the file to one of the local drives (for example, on disk D);
  3. This paragraph is not mandatory, however, there are games or programs for which the missing library to copy a folder to the program or the game, when you start, where the error appears.

Next, be sure to copy the System folder in the following (depending on your operating system):

  • Vindos95 | 98 | Me = C: Vindos Systems
  • Vindos NT | 2000 = C: WINNT Systems 32
  • Vindos XP | Vista | 7 | 8 = C: VindosSistem 32
  • Vindos 64-bit = C: Vindossyswow64

Before you replace the library, we are sure to make a backup and then later, to copy a folder a new version. Make sure that you replace the existing files. Restart the computer.

The last item in this manual - check the library. Open Start - Run (7 Vindos in this program can be found in the "Standard"). In the window that appears, type CMD and click OK. After entering, a window will appear where you need to enter the command regsvr32 xlive.dll, enter the name of the library, previously copied to the system folder.

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