On our site you will be able to easily find and download the missing DLL file, and quickly solve the problem when you install a new program or computer game.

Many are faced with a problem related to the lack of OpenAL32.dll file in charge of the sound system of the computer. This application is part of the Open Audio Library. This programming interface for audio work.

The most common mistake with the wording - "The application does not run because openal32.dll file is not found. Try again to install the application. "

This error is associated with the file, usually occurs because the file openal32 dl is missing or damaged. Games can be closed and does not start and the computer will run slowly. To fix the error, you need to download the file openal32 dll from our site. Moreover, all this can be done free of charge. This version of the library for windows 7, suitable also for windows XP.

Once you manage to download openal32 dll program, there is a question - what to do with this file?

Well, firstly, it must be copied to the system drive (usually the drive C) in the system32 folder. Look a common path to this folder will be so - windows \ system32.

Next, restart your computer.

If the problem with installing an application or a game left, then it is necessary to perform such actions. Open the "Start" menu and choose the command "Run". Further, in the input line you would type the command «CMD» and press Enter. You should see a black box, which should dial «regsvr32 openal32.dll» and press Enter again. After all these operations, it is necessary once again to restart the PC. The problem should disappear, and work resumed applications!

In principle, the way to eliminate this error, there are many. We'll tell you only about the most simple and accessible.

Openal32.dll error can occur not only during the installation of games and applications, but even when you install Windows. In each situation, openal32.dll error could cause various problems, for example, she can talk about the absence of or damage to the library file, another error in the Windows registry. So we should not forget about viruses and a variety of PC hardware problems.

So, how to fix this error?

How to download free openal32.dll?

Download openal32.dll

Do not just look for the answer in the internet on request «openal32 dll free download," because you can run into a virus-infected sites. Moreover, the file is on our website. One should always clearly understand that where you swing.

In addition, in the event of any error when downloading libraries you can get even more of other problems. Want to get the original file, then openal32 dll download a torrent, you can have.

If you can not run Windows due to an error with openal32.dll, we recommend that you follow these recommendations. To begin, start safe mode. Next you need to scan on Windows malware and viruses. It is this reason often provokes this error. If you doubt the antivirus, then you can use the free trial version of the well-established anti-virus.


You can also use the "System Restore" to return Windows to a working state. Perhaps, when you install the game or application in incorrect changes were made.

Another way to correct the error - is to reinstall the program that requires the installation file openal32.dll. This method can help in the case where an error occurs when running a particular program or game, but not in other cases. It is appropriate to download openal32 dll for the grid with our resource. And it can be done for free.

As it is necessary to update the hardware drivers. Often, the error occurs when you try to run "heavy" a three-dimensional game. The reason is in the drivers, which are installed by default.

If on the contrary there was openal32.dll error after updating the drivers, then it is necessary to rollback system.

You must install all the updates of the operating system, especially the most critical.

If you first encounter this problem, do not worry, it is easy to fix. The catch is in the file openal32 dll windows 7. You can download it very fast and totally free. At our site you can find a huge amount of information required and the necessary software!

Try to fix the error yourself, you just need openal32 dll file to download and install!

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