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Today, games are becoming more demanding of computer resources, so many gamers are spending huge amounts of money to upgrade their computers specifically for the game. However, they require that among still additional files. The most common error that occurs when you install applications and games - a d3dx9_42.dll error.

D3dx9 42 dll - an enhanced library Direct3D. It contains a set of functions that provide the interaction of the system and drivers for your video card. If suddenly the file is corrupted, then the installation of applications will appear with the text "file d3dx9 42 dll was not found."

This error is corrected, if you download a file d3dx9 42 dll from our site. The file is installed in the folder windows \ system32. The computer is then restarted.

Of course, decompress the downloaded file, it makes sense to be made directly to the folder of the program, which asks for the library, or a lack of file swears. It is necessary to remove d3dx9 42 dll in a folder on your computer. Recommended unpack it into the directory program, which requests a file. If that does not work, then you will need to extract d3dx9_42.dll to your system directory.

On 64-bit hardware platform file will have to be placed in the folder: C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \. Download d3d9 42 dll you can see the attachment in this article.

This file is part of a dedicated DirectX package that just needs to run most applications and games. Therefore, a logical question arises, how to solve this problem with the lack of the necessary file?

DirectX package as d3x9 42 dll free download on our website. Then you need to install it on your PC. In principle, then everything should be OK. However, it is much easier to install only one d3dx9_42.dll file. It must be copied to the right place and all. Many are lost and do not know where exactly it is necessary to throw, because never before did not.

We will tell you how to install a file that the game will function normally.

How to download d3dx9_42.dll free of charge?

Download d3dx9_42.dll

To get to the core issues of this error, you need to know that Microsoft DirectX is a collection of technologies that provide excellent conditions for the correct start-up and display of multimedia applications and games - graphics, animations, videos, etc.

First you need to download the program d3dx9 42 dll. You can download it on our website. Some advise to download a file with the "culprits" of such errors to a new game began to work properly and once again has not brought an unpleasant surprise.

To resolve the problem, you can try to reinstall the program or the entire game, but for windows 7 is unlikely to be effective. The simplest solution is to copy the file to the folder where the game is. For all applications and games will suit the same d3dx9 42.dll file, most importantly, that version was complete. Fold it into the same folder - system32 folder and games, there's need to remember where it was set. If you do everything according to instructions, the game is sure to work.

You can also try to find a DirectX assembly and install it temporarily solving the problem.

Important! Before you install various assemblies DirectX libraries to use the operational function of the system - "System Restore." Be sure to install bother to create a reference point for subsequent rollback system.

Solving the download of DirectX, remember that the reinstallation of files can take some time, so you need fast internet. If you have enough internet is slow, we recommend only download the missing library. D3dx9 42 dll download a torrent, you can right here. All files on our website are checked and safe for your computer.

Move the file to a folder, it is desirable to create a backup of the previous file and reboot.

If none of the methods do not resolve the error came up, then do so - click the Start button, select "Run". Next, enter CMD and press Enter. You must then enter regsvr32 d3dx9_42.dll and press Enter. The problem should be solved.

You want to try out a new computer game? Then you just need to download d3dx9 42 dll and install it! Good luck!

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