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Many people know what a DLL (dynamic link library - runtime). The library has a lot of advantages, quite weighty, that would use them. In this article we will learn how to create and use shared libraries in your projects.

And why do these same libraries do I need? - you ask. I do not know, maybe they do not need you at all. And maybe vital. I will list the possibilities and advantages of libraries:

Versatility. Any programmer, knowing the name and description of the functions that are in the library, can use them.

Easy adjustment. You can place several important functions in the library, and to declare them in the program. At the same time you will be working with the library, debugging these functions without touching the main program.

How to download free steam_ceg.dll?

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Storage resources. The DLL steam ceg dll download can store resources such as images, forms, menus, icons, and so on.

A look at the future. With libraries, you can easily create plug-ins that extend the standard features of the program. That is, you can not produce different versions of the program, and release plugins or modified (for example, the error-corrected) version of libraries.

General use. If steam ceg dll library download is loaded, it can be used and other additions.

Saving resources. The library can be loaded and unloaded when it is really necessary. For example, the program at the right time loaded the DLL, the calling function, do the job and unloaded library until the next time. Available memory savings.

In general, DLL - very useful and can help.

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