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Conventional MFC allow the DLL to use MFC in the shared libraries. In this supplement, which refer to such libraries do not necessarily have to be built on the basis of MFC. In conventional DLL can use MFC in any way, including creating new classes in a DLL-based MFC classes and their export to the supplement.

However, the conventional DLL can not communicate with the additions pointers to classes derived from MFC.

If the addition of the need to share DLL gds32 dll download

pointers to objects of classes MFC, or derivatives thereof, it is necessary to use an extension DLL, as described in the next section.

Architecture conventional DLL is designed for use by other programming environments such as Visual Basic and PowerBuilder.

When you create a normal MFC DLL library using AppWizard select a new project type MFC AppWizard (dll). In the first dialog box, add-ons Wizard you must select one of the modes for normal dynamic libraries: "Regular DLL with MFC statistically linked" or "Regular DLL using shared MFC DLL". The first involves static, and the second - Dynamic Link Library MFC. Subsequently, the connection mode to the MFC DLL interbase library gds32 dll download can be changed with the combo box in the tab "General" "Project settings" dialog box.

How to download free gds32.dll?

Download gds32.dll

Managing information about MFC state

Each module process MFC provides information about his condition. Thus, the state of the DLL information differs from the information on the status of its application caused. Therefore, any function exported from the library, reference to which goes directly from the add-ons are required to report the MFC, some state information to use. In a typical MFC DLL, that uses a dynamic library MFC, MFC before calling any routines at the beginning of exported functions need to put a line like this:

AFX_MANAGE_STATE (AfxGetStaticModuleState ());

This statement defines the use of the relevant information on the state of runtime function calls to this subroutine.

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