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Sometimes it saves a lot of space in the DLL file. Programs that use the import library for the DLL implicit connections that do not "notice" the difference, because the implicit connecting serial numbers are used automatically. Additions, DLLamtlib dll cs6 download library files dynamically, it will be necessary to transfer the sequence number in GetProcAddress, rather than the name of the function.

When using the above def-describing file exported DLL-Book Cabinets functions may be, for example, as follows:

# Define EXPORT extern "C" _declspec (dllexport)

EXPORT int CALLBACK MyFunction (char * str);

a so: extern "C" int CALLBACK MyFunction (char * str);

Export classes

Creature. def -file to export even simple classes of dynamic link library can be quite difficult. You need to explicitly export each function that can be used by external addition.

If you look at is implemented in a class of memory allocation file, it is possible to notice some rather unusual features. It turns out that there is an implicit constructor and destructor functions declared in the MFC macros, in particular _DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP, as well as functions that are written by the programmer.

Although you can export each of these functions in a single, there is an easier way. If the class declaration to use makromodifikatorom AFX_CLASS_EXPORT, the compiler will take care of exporting the necessary features that allow you to use with the addition of a class that is contained in the DLL.

How to download free amtlib.dll?

Download amtlib.dll

In contrast to the static libraries, which, in fact, become part of the program code, dynamic link libraries in 16-bit versions of Windows work with the memory a little differently. Under the direction of Win 16 DLL amtlib dll memory housed download for address space assignments. Placement of dynamic libraries in the global memory provided an opportunity to the common use of their different tasks.

The Win32 DLL library is located in the storage area. Each process is given a separate copy of the "global» DLL memory.

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